May 14, 2013

Mini Trip: Tahoe City

Topher Tutt surprised me with an overnight trip to Tahoe for our 6th anniversary!! We thought about leaving both kids behind but a) then I would've had to pump before and during the trip and b) I kinda really wanted Bronson to see Lake Tahoe.  It turned out really fun and I'm glad we took them. Next year though: NO KIDS.

We stayed: in this little lodge/guest house. Toph used AirBnb and it was awesome! I cannot stress this enough. Wood floors, a full kitchen (that we never used because Jim Gaffigan's right, vacations are about the food), a loft bed, washer/dryer; loved it.

We ate: a lot. Hacienda Del Lago for a dinner (good but not the best Mexican food, duh), Rosie's Cafe for breakfast (so cute!),  Syd's Bagelry and Espresso for lunch (the smoothies were way overpriced but the sandwiches were delish), and Jiffy's Pizza that we ate on the beach for our last dinner there. (My favorite place! I was extra hungry and pizza on the beach is just good.)

We played: at the Tahoe City Library (a great place to feed Everly, play with new toys,  use some free wifi, & hang out til the weather got a little bit warmer at the beach) and Commons Beach! It was so gorgeous. We went kayaking, built a sandcastle, & I repeat read a book (Jean and Johnny by Beverly Cleary. I'm 12.) I'm ready to visit again.

Toph has been hearing me wax annoying about Tahoe since I went last August. I love it there! It was so sweet to be surprised and get to go back. Sitting in the lake on a kayak was just overwhelmingly perfect. I have the sunburn to prove it.