June 30, 2013

Camol gets married.

Last week we went to Arizona for Carol and Sam's sealing and one of their wedding receptions. Toph couldn't come so I was all, "Yeah I'll totally drive 13+ hours with a nursing baby and a 3 year old by myself." It turned out fine because my mom helped a ton, but woah. I give myself way too much credit. I'm just grateful for our "new" minivan and kids who have no problem sitting and staring at nothing for long stretches of time. Mommy's little geniuses! 

Here are some pic gems from our trek:
At 9 in the morning we tried to take pre wedding wedding pics and it was already ridic bright and I got really sweaty. 
But Camol looked real glam and in love so whatever.

After the wedding we took more pics and it was still really bright and I got even more sweaty.


A week later we went to the second reception in Red Bluff and it was real hot there too. 
BUT THE FOOD WAS DELISH. Also the decor was fab and Topher got to come to this! :)

 Team Tuttle in their sweatiest finery.

The original crew!

Four out of seven of us are married now and I kinda can't believe it/wish we could all just be little kids again! 
Buuuut little kids don't have their own minivans so I'll take 25 thanks.

June 6, 2013

he won't stop can't stop

I let him try out my camera remote. Skillz.

Today was a big one for Bronson. And me. Mostly me (it's allll about me):
I signed him up for preschool and he got his first library card.

I kinda never thought past age 2 when he was a baby.
I'm not a major, major fan of the whole newborn thing. (I LOVE how sweet and easy they are- mine just sleep and eat- but my emotional state during that time + their inability to really do anything is hard. For me.) Five-ish months to 3 years is my jam. I really like the sitting up, clapping, rolling, giggling, learning to walk, weaning, tiny voice, going to nursery but still my baby, stage. 
Age 3 has been a struggle. I'm not sure whether it's because I was pregnant/had a new baby for most of it, or if Bronson really was as feisty as I thought. Probably some of both. It's been hard but he's obviously still my favorite little boy ever.
Now that we're staring age 4 in the face (38 days!!?!) I'm just freaking out. 
It's like a snowball of fear and crazy; first preschool then kindergarten, then he's choosing a major and his mission call is waiting to be ripped open. All good things but hello! Bigger kids are so much work. They require being driven lots of places, and dentist + eye appointments, big talks about bullying, feelings, and bad people. I mean, duh. Why I never really thought of all this before is my own fault.

We're just taking it one terrifying day at a time.
With lots of good stuff thrown in to make it all worth it or whatever.
I just really love Bronson. Dang it.

June 3, 2013

one of the good ones

Just some pictures from a day I want to remember because it was good:
Topher had work off and we tried to sleep in but Bronson woke us up with his, "Daddy doesn't have work today?!" excitement.
Topher made breakfast.
I ran errands quickly and quietly and kid free.
We went to the splash pad.
We made it to *Sonic during happy hour! (Never happens!)
Toph took Bronson out to help some people move into the ward.
I worked out with only Everly for an audience. (She never asks me why I'm sweating so much or taking so many breaks. Bless her.)
The kids went to bed without too much negotiating.
We watched a bunch of Nashville. (Takes the edge off FNL being over.)

*Large cranberry limeade for Toph, medium lemonberry fruit slush for me, small strawberry fruit slush for B. Lemonberry fruit slush eventually for Ev, I guess.