November 25, 2013

making lists is my body power

Ev's rocked short hair since day one. 

I was all set to chopchop my hair up a few days ago but then decided to grow it out for a while. (Ima try to donate it again next year and perhaps save some dollars by not going in for trims so often.) Anyway, I've been mentally making my pro/con list about short vs long hair since May (based on 20+ years of long hair & 6 months of shorter so ... let's party).


+ I always feel put together and like it has a style even when I don't touch it but (segue ...)
+ I do tend to "style" it more often (ie curl it with a straightener) because there's less of it to deal with
+ I don't need to carry hair ties on my wrist anymore
+ I only need like 2 bobby pins to get it out of my face
+ I enjoy wearing headbands now
+ shorter hair makes me feel more feminine
+ but also more edgy (I'm so flipping edgy)
+ no more long hairs stuck to all my clothes!
+ or clogging up the shower drain!
+ erryone assumes you're brave and outgoing when you have short hair (right? maybe that's just me)
+ there's so much less of it to dye!!
+ and for my kids to yank on!
+ I was really proud of how long my hair was (I know, eye roll. Mr. Brocklehurst would stone me.) so having it short has been a good equalizer for my pride (my wicked wicked pride!)
+ if I want to keep it short, I have to go in for cuts frequently. This is on the con list too, but it's also a pro because I feel amazing after a cut so getting them more often has been fun.
+ I use less shampoo + conditioner 
+ browsing short syles on Pinterest is really fun (I'm already looking for the cut I want next year! Ahh!)
+ I think short hair don't care sounds loads better than long hair don't care ......
+ It's been fun to see the changes as it grows because when it was long, it was just that; long. I've enjoyed each growing out phase so far.
+ I CAN'T SEE MY SPLIT ENDS!! Biggest pro to me hands down. Being able to see all those nasty splits has made me insane for years. I'd get my hair trimmed but they'd still be there. I carried scissors around to be able to snip them off when I saw one (or 10) on the go, which probably made them worse but I figured it was better than going crazy knowing they were there or splitting them higher with my fingers (guilty)?


+ finding the time + money to go in for cuts is tricky (see? a pro and a con)
+ I miss putting it up in a high bun because I love how I look with my hair pulled up
+ When I take my hair down from bobby pins it kills way worse than it ever did when it was long and I'd wear it up all day. Why???
+ I feel like I look better with long hair, but since I feel more like myself with it shorter I'm not sure this is a con?
+ ..... honestly, I can't think of any others. I keep waiting to regret chopping off so much of my security blanket but, as it turns out, it wasn't really making me feel that secure. : )


This concludes another post allll about my hair. SHAME.

November 19, 2013

26 on the 18th

I'm 26!!!! Birthday week was the greatest because Topher. Duh. Then on my actual birthday my mom came to town and watched my kids It was amazing. After shopping and testing out various froyo shops in town, I went to lunch by myself and read a book while eating in silence. That's luxury, people. Anti social luxury.


I'm really hoping 26 lives up to the greatness that was 25. Seriously, I had the best year last year. Toph passed the bar and got a job, Ev was born and I had such an empowering, awesome experience with her labor, I watched Bronson adapt to being a great big brother, we went on some fun trips as a family, I read a lot more; I just feel like I really came into my own (again) this past year. I'm almost sad to see it go but here's to the next 365 days of 26!

November 14, 2013

Mini Trip: San Jose/Monterey

Last week Topher had a work conference in San Jose that we got to tag along on and then we went to Monterey really quickly to have family pictures taken. It was all sorts of a party.

We stayed: at the swankiest hotel of our lives, The Fairmont in downtown San Jose. It was real nice. I'm pretty sure we were the only people there with kids, but don't worry! Everly cried all night long, both nights, so no one noticed. (Also, I get that valet parking is necessary and fancy or whatever, but mostly I just felt like, "I can haz my car back now?") It was located next to some amazing stuff and the view from our room on the 19th floor was incredible day and night. (Elevators scare the living fear out of me and they also give me wicked vertigo. But I prevailed! #ournausea)

We ate: at Pizza My Heart (I wanted pizza, it was within walking distance and it was delish), the Bijan Bakery and Cafe (carrot cake!), at a law friends house (thanks again Ryans!!), and at Ike's Love and Sandwiches in Monterey (definitely some of the best chips and sandwiches around). We also gave into the siren song of KFC potato wedges once. We're not proud.

We played: at the Tech Museum (it was right across from the hotel), downtown (window shopping!), in the hotel pool, on the hotel escalators (more vertigo but worth it because Bronson really got a kick out of it + free!), in the hotel room (cable! HGTV! Disney!), and we stopped by the Dennis the Menace park for a quick run around after pictures.

It was fun to shake up the norm for a few days, visit with friends, see a city we'd never been to before, and return to one we love so much. It was also a good reminder that taking kids on vacation isn't relaxing. I had all these crazy ideas about quiet nights with Toph working while I painted my nails and caught up on What Not to Wear. Taking our kids to a new environment and having them sleep in the same room as us doesn't turn them into docile lambs, turns out. More like orangutans hopped up on Red Bull. :):):)

November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween from The Beatles!!

I always have all these group costume ideas swimming around in my mind grapes (it's fun to force your family into weird outfits!) and this year we got to try one that's near and dear. We donned our black and white and stepped out as the early days, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" era Beatles! Since *I literally have a dark mop top right now, it had to be done.

Bronson requested George right away ("Like Curious George!!"), little Ev got to be Ringo (with a soft toothbrush instead of drum sticks because she's teething like crazy), and Toph and I were John and Paul respectively.

The only thing I had to buy were some black leggings for Ev! I made her wig out of old tights, black felt and hot glue and cut up an old witch wig for Bronson. We had all the other stuff on hand already, easy and lazy.

We loved being The Beatles!! Any time I get to draw on sideburns and wear a tie is a good time. Also, turning my kids into mini adults is number one.

*I brainstormed the option of being The Golden Girls this year as well, but Toph quickly pointed out that my Beatles idea would be better what with my hair and all ... Also, I was gonna make him be Dorothy and I think he maybe had his heart set on Blanche?