November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween from The Beatles!!

I always have all these group costume ideas swimming around in my mind grapes (it's fun to force your family into weird outfits!) and this year we got to try one that's near and dear. We donned our black and white and stepped out as the early days, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" era Beatles! Since *I literally have a dark mop top right now, it had to be done.

Bronson requested George right away ("Like Curious George!!"), little Ev got to be Ringo (with a soft toothbrush instead of drum sticks because she's teething like crazy), and Toph and I were John and Paul respectively.

The only thing I had to buy were some black leggings for Ev! I made her wig out of old tights, black felt and hot glue and cut up an old witch wig for Bronson. We had all the other stuff on hand already, easy and lazy.

We loved being The Beatles!! Any time I get to draw on sideburns and wear a tie is a good time. Also, turning my kids into mini adults is number one.

*I brainstormed the option of being The Golden Girls this year as well, but Toph quickly pointed out that my Beatles idea would be better what with my hair and all ... Also, I was gonna make him be Dorothy and I think he maybe had his heart set on Blanche?