November 25, 2013

making lists is my body power

Ev's rocked short hair since day one. 

I was all set to chopchop my hair up a few days ago but then decided to grow it out for a while. (Ima try to donate it again next year and perhaps save some dollars by not going in for trims so often.) Anyway, I've been mentally making my pro/con list about short vs long hair since May (based on 20+ years of long hair & 6 months of shorter so ... let's party).


+ I always feel put together and like it has a style even when I don't touch it but (segue ...)
+ I do tend to "style" it more often (ie curl it with a straightener) because there's less of it to deal with
+ I don't need to carry hair ties on my wrist anymore
+ I only need like 2 bobby pins to get it out of my face
+ I enjoy wearing headbands now
+ shorter hair makes me feel more feminine
+ but also more edgy (I'm so flipping edgy)
+ no more long hairs stuck to all my clothes!
+ or clogging up the shower drain!
+ erryone assumes you're brave and outgoing when you have short hair (right? maybe that's just me)
+ there's so much less of it to dye!!
+ and for my kids to yank on!
+ I was really proud of how long my hair was (I know, eye roll. Mr. Brocklehurst would stone me.) so having it short has been a good equalizer for my pride (my wicked wicked pride!)
+ if I want to keep it short, I have to go in for cuts frequently. This is on the con list too, but it's also a pro because I feel amazing after a cut so getting them more often has been fun.
+ I use less shampoo + conditioner 
+ browsing short syles on Pinterest is really fun (I'm already looking for the cut I want next year! Ahh!)
+ I think short hair don't care sounds loads better than long hair don't care ......
+ It's been fun to see the changes as it grows because when it was long, it was just that; long. I've enjoyed each growing out phase so far.
+ I CAN'T SEE MY SPLIT ENDS!! Biggest pro to me hands down. Being able to see all those nasty splits has made me insane for years. I'd get my hair trimmed but they'd still be there. I carried scissors around to be able to snip them off when I saw one (or 10) on the go, which probably made them worse but I figured it was better than going crazy knowing they were there or splitting them higher with my fingers (guilty)?


+ finding the time + money to go in for cuts is tricky (see? a pro and a con)
+ I miss putting it up in a high bun because I love how I look with my hair pulled up
+ When I take my hair down from bobby pins it kills way worse than it ever did when it was long and I'd wear it up all day. Why???
+ I feel like I look better with long hair, but since I feel more like myself with it shorter I'm not sure this is a con?
+ ..... honestly, I can't think of any others. I keep waiting to regret chopping off so much of my security blanket but, as it turns out, it wasn't really making me feel that secure. : )


This concludes another post allll about my hair. SHAME.