December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

I took this picture at 4am when I snuck out of bed too excited to sleep. 
I thought maybe Santa really had come and put more presents under our tree? 
Still not used to being a grown up.

I kept trying to force Christmas eve traditions on us that would last through the ages of our familial existence because this was our first ever Just Us Christmas! but in the end we just rolled with it and everything was the best.
Matching homemade pajama pants for the kids, a smorgasbord of whatever I felt like making for dinner, Toph reading the Grinch, all of us watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on the fold out couch, both kids in bed by 8 so Toph and I could finish wrapping presents and re-watch all The Office Christmas episodes; ahhhh! It was a really, really nice night.