December 30, 2013

Christmas this year was much better than last.

So last week this little thing called Christmas happened ... SO SAD IT'S ALL OVER!!! :'( 
I feel like this year was maybe the best Christmas ever ever? 

Here's a recap for posterity:
We always start with stockings and they're always my favorite part. 
I love reading the note Toph writes and puts in my stocking every year. Cheesy. Gag. Love.

Bronson wasn't sick or crazy cranky this year so that made everything much more festive.

And of course it was Ev's first Christmas and she was a cheesy grinning delight.

Kids make Christmas so freaking awesome!

Breakfast pizza + cookies, you're my bffs.

 We hid this present til the end to make Bronson think Santa had forgotten his one true wish (best parents). 
When Bronze opened it and realized he was the newest owner of The Hulk Helicarrier Breakout Set, all excitement broke loose. 


I'm in denial that it's almost 2014 (I'm really gonna try to stop writing 2012 on everything this year), almost Ev's birthday, and almost time for me to figure out what the heck I want to focus on this year. I love setting goals and the fresh start of a new year, but I'm really good at opening presents, hanging out with family, and eating all the junk food so I'm definitely sad to see all of that go for now.