December 5, 2013

She reads// Fall Reading

Feeling pretty good about myself now.

Fall is over. Basically. I mean, the weather in CA is whatever (except when it's freezing like it's been lately then it's not whatever it's WHATEVER) so who's to say what makes fall officially over? But yeah, it's over. December is upon us.

 So here's what I read from September to November:

Where She Went (Glad I read it to sum up the first book but I thought If I Stay was better. Much.)

Someday, Someday Maybe (Oh Lauren Graham, where you lead, I will follow! Except no because I tried Parenthood and it didn't take ... Anyway, I liked this book because I could feel her voice in the writing. I didn't like this book because it just wasn't my favorite story. I enjoyed large parts of it but it was a bit of a meanderer and not in the best way.)

Life of Pi (Ok, ok, ok. Yes. This book. I loved it, and it scared me, and it helped me love the movie even more, and it made me want to barf. So yes. I loved it.)

The Book Thief (Can all books be this amazing? Obviously not but please, writers of the world! Turn more paper into stories like this! Toph read it too and agreed that it was a real gem. His exact words.)

The Saturday Boy (This was a kids book that dealt with a big topic: the death of a parent. It was good but I wasn't the target audience for it and it didn't become my new favey fave or anything. I picked it up because I'm trying to read more books that Bronson might eventually read. I'd be cool with him reading this and it could lead to some good discussion.)

We Sinners (This one was short but packed a punch. I get that the focus was on leaving the church and how that changed the family dynamic, but I was actually more intrigued with the religion they were leaving. Also the last chapter was a big, "Whaa?" for me.)

The Happiness Project (This got me real revved up to change my life! I couldn't sop talking about  the book with everyone! But then I got to month 9 and I was just kinda over it? I finished it up and was overwhelmed by all the money she ended up spending on organization, binding books, photos, collections, etc. I liked it and got a few good quotes and tips out of it, but honestly I just got really sick of hearing about her blog. Oops.)

Tell the Wolves I'm Home (I'm so not hip. This book was super strange to me and made me depressed. It was a fast read and I wanted to know what happened to everyone but it was just such a downer. I'm not deep enough to like downers! Hunger Games, I'm stink eyeing you.)

The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket (Another book I picked up from the kids section. The trailer for this on YouTube is adorbs, btw. So basically this is another "I like myself the way I am!" story. All well and good, a nice message, a simple read and some humor thrown in as well.)

The Wednesday Wars (Took me halfway in to really, really get into it but by the end, oh man. I really liked it.)

Half Magic (Another short, fun read. I'm pretty sure I read this as a kid already but it was a fun refresher.)

The Willoughbys (So maybe I read a lot of short books this time? Woah. Yeah so this one was short and meant for kids as well. I liked it. It was a bit Roald Dahl-esque and just a fun read.)

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (I usually love these books but this time I was so anxious the whole time! I just wanted Bex to stop shopping!!! Glad I stuck with it though because the very last few pages were worth it.)


And now it's winter and who knows if any books shall cross my path until January because there's just so much food to eat and so many Christmas movies to watch.