January 19, 2014

blink blink


I keep hearing that second and third (etc.) babies grow up even faster than firsts and yeah, I believe it. Everly's full time walking, completely weaned (favorite gross word) and sleeping through the night again (:):)!)!!). I feel like it took 27 years to get to this point with Bronson. I mean, his babyhood zoomed by but because I was constantly like, "What is even happening right now?" it also crawled along. 

I LOVE when my kids don't nurse anymore. In some ways it's harder because I actually have to remember to pack them snacks and feed them meals, but in every single other way it's easier for me. It helps them sleep more at night, they stop biting me, I can wear whatever I want, no more leaking everywhere or pumping gallons of milk, making them little meals is adorable; and on and on.

I really do feel like I blinked and here she is, this little toddling child. But no, we had a really great run with our tiny Ev and now I'm getting pretty excited for first (real) words and maybe some hair growing? No pressure.

January 16, 2014

Eat it. Eat the food.

I took pics of the kitchen and dining room today because a) they were both clean and b) maybe I'll leave them alone now? They're simple and sparse but done. We don't need to get any more settled here, all energy vibes must be directed towards finding a house to rent. On this side of town. That's cheap and has no carpet but does have a washer and dryer .... No sweat.

 Here we go:

I've been perusing Pinterest in search of REAL apartment kitchen decor ideas. Not condo kitchens where you're allowed to majorly alter things (cabinet color, spacial layout, etc.) or privately owned spaces that are small but you're rich and your landlord loves you so you can change everything. I mean a run of the mill, every kitchen in the complex matches (oak cabinets, generic linoleum, old appliances), work-with-what-you-got, try to cook here and not feel sad, types of spaces.

I couldn't find much so I went back to my old stand by: contact paper. A much as I love stark white, calm, empty, "grown up" (?) decor, I always come back to bright colors and patterns everywhere so contact paper polka dots happened. I really love them. Probably the best thing is Nap D over my stove for cooking inspiration though.

If I could change this space freals I'd go with: white upper cabinets and a bright color on the lowers (with a lean towards aqua or hot pink). A new light fixture and new cabinet door pulls (technically I could change both now but time + money, not gonna happen). I'd paint the room white and add a small backsplash. Add new counter tops (preferably butcher block) and a deep farm sink (in white) and boom. Roasted.

Dream a little dream.

January 14, 2014

54 months old

Bronson is 4 and a half years old today.

It's stupid to say, "I remember when he was just 4 and a half  HOURS old!!" because obviously I do. And 4 and a half days, weeks, and months. Because that's what moms do. We remember. And we forget. It's all very confusing.

Bronson and I haven't been getting along the greatest lately. He's feisty, opinionated and irrational. Cue me being very similar and things get tricky.

Bronson, if you're reading this (I hope you take a look someday), kindly remember how often I switched the arms on your "mini figs" for you, and how I read you every Lion King book you could find.

I love you, you're a good self. :)

January 3, 2014

The Little Lady turned one. Tiny food!!

Everly Virginia is one! Officially. No lie. Tears for days, happy and nostalgic.

We love this little girl so very much and decided to celebrate her big day with mini food, tiny balloons, family, pink everywhere! and dancing. 

Everly is a very happy, always on the go, not afraid of strangers, booty shaking sweetheart and we're pretty thrilled to have her around.

Happy happy first birthday baby girl!

January 1, 2014

best of 2013!

2013 where you at? I'll never get used to this whole time thing. 
Whatevs, here's our collective bests from the past year:
Toph's favorites:
-Everly joining our family!
-Starting his job and being the head of the Sunshine Committee (aka party planning committee. HA.)
-Building our desk together
-Getting new cell phones (Nexus 4 what what!)

Bronson's favorites:
-Building his Lego collection
-Having a little sister to blame things on
-Going to primary
-Making lots of new friends at church and school

Everly's favorites:
-Being the best newborn in the world!
-But then being all, "Psyche! I'll never sleep through the night again." at 7 months.
-Learning to walk at 9 months
-Being a dancing queen booty shaker
-Having like no teeth ever

My favorites:
-Everly's birth!! The year really peaked for me on January 2nd.
-Watching Bronson and Ev together
-Seeing Toph so happy in his line of work
-Going to AZ for Camol's weddang
-4th of July in UT
-Buying a DivaCup (you knew it was coming!!)

I could really go on and on because 2013 has been a fantastic year for us and I'm very grateful!
Fingers crossed 2014 keeps it up, happy new year!