March 4, 2014

day in the life (that happened to be Valentine's)

7:30ish: Ev's awake and wants to claw my face off, remove my earrings, pull all my hair out or eat breakfast asap. I choose to throw some food and books her way so I can get up and ready.

8:30-9:30ish: Bronson's up thanks to Ev and they play in their room for a hot minute while I get his breakfast together and straighten up the apartment a little bit.
I made him a special heart breakfast! Because love and Valentine's day and mom guilt.
 He loved it so much he said, "Next time just cut everything into square shapes."

9:30-11:00ish Bronson plays Legos and watches some Lego YouTube reviews, while Ev waddles around pausing every so often for a photo op. She also naps somewhere in here.

11:00-1:00ish We have a friend over to play and it's glorious! All the kids are busy AND happy together. I get to juice up some produce that deserves it, make Toph a little Valentine's gift, and make up a dessert recipe (that turned out really great! wish I'd written it down). I feed the kids some non Valentinesy lunch too.

1:30-4:30ish: I pack up the kids and we walk to the gym only to find out the child care isn't open on Friday afternoons (log that away for future reference) so it's back home. There's more Legos (I got B a new small set for Valentine's), chocolate chip eating, another short nap and general mayhem until Toph's home.

5:00-7:00 Ev goes down for some quiet time in her bed (with books and toys), Bronson gets a show, Toph catches up on some sportball basket throw, and I hit the gym alone.
Toph's forever Valentine right there^

7:00-11:00ish: We don't have a sitter this year so we're attempting a nice dinner at home sort of sans kids. The plan is to get the kids fed, pajama-ed and off to their room for bed or playing. I shower the gym away and then get going on the plan!
[pretend there's a nice picture of Topher and me right here]


Basically, we ended up having a really delish candlelit dinner (courtesy of Toph!) that was interrupted a hundred times by B and Ev. They didn't both fall asleep until after 11 so ... yay. 

Happy Valentine's day!