May 16, 2014

the living room! & this concludes the tour

I kept waiting for the perfect mix of good lighting, uncharacteristic cleanliness, both kids playing happily elsewhere, yadayada before taking pictures of our living room. I finally realized those stars were not going to align on their own so I pushed the piles of Legos aside, put Ev down for a nap, made B play at the table (instead of on the pink cabinet ... ) and snappity snap.

 This is the room we live in 24/7.  I cut out sewing projects on the floor, we build forts, watch the internet, snack, read books, pull out the couch bed for movie nights, make huge messes, entertain friends and family; we live the crap out of this room. And, despite my best efforts, the carpet shows it (I hate carpet!!).

Anyway, here we go:

It's the same old story as all our other places: re-do, thrift, dumpster dive, DIY, use sheets as curtains, etc. My favorite parts of this space are the giant rug I made by sewing 8 small (and cheap!) rag rugs together, the pink cabinet I found by the dumpster next to B's preschool, and all the art and photos on the walls.

I was drawn to crazy colors (always) and limited by budget (duh), but I like how this little apartment came together. Just throwing this out into the universe though: I'M READY FOR A HOUSE. With a tiny yard, a washer/dryer, two toilets (!!), and less carpeting. These are my demands.