June 16, 2014

She Reads// Things A Little Bird Told Me (Confessions of The Creative Mind)

Short version: Read this ^ and now.

Longer version: Here's a big, huge secret (not): I love Twitter and have been tweeting my brains out since November 2010. I'm 12.3K tweets deep at this point and there's no end in sight. I have to admit, I was totally one of those, "Why would I want to see status updates about people eating sandwiches?!" before I got my own account. So cute. Twitter is so much freaking more than that and reading its birth story in this book was so exciting and interesting. Even though I knew the ending (spoiler: Twitter makes it big) learning about Biz Stone and how he and Jack Dorsey came up with the concept for Twitter during a 2 week hackathon, and then stuck by it for years, was uplifting and inspirational.

I loved reading about Biz in high school. His no homework policy was one of my favorite anecdotes and it felt pretty familiar because guess what? Topher Tutt himself exercised a very similar policy when he was in high school (and it might've taken him through college as well ... but that's his story to tell). Biz was so engaging and I loved reading his thoughts on the inherent goodness of others, advice on giving to charities and on living simply. And hello, the way he talked about his wife was the best.

I could really go on for days here but mostly what I'm getting at is: You don't have to use or even know what Twitter is (but it's literally 2014, how does anyone not know what Twitter is and what it can be used to accomplish?!) to get a lot from this book.

Feel like I have to mention, all fangirling aside, obviously sometimes Twitter can be a negative space. Its tone is set by us, the users, and sometimes we're a snarky, drama filled bunch. But I've seen the goodness of others manifested there time and time again, and I'm grateful for the friendships I've strengthened and the causes I've been able to support through it. 

Twitter bird (who's supposedly named Larry?), long may you fly. 

(PS: I haven't seen The Fail Whale in forever!!)

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last day of preschool!

So Bronson wrapped up his first school experience a few months ago. Back in August I was so nervous about him getting older and going out into the big bad world of preschool, we had a great experience at his school though!

Here are some of the highlights:

- He eventually developed an interest in writing and drawing! This is the biggest deal to me. I love seeing him write his name, draw The Hulk and hold a pencil the right way.
- He (and I) got to go on a few field trips that were fun and interesting (special mention: the pet store and the pumpkin patch)
- He made a lot of new friends.
- He got to take the class "pet" (a wooden duck named ... something with a J. We can't remember.) home and practice responsibility.
- He got to attend some fun holiday parties.
- He learned more about taking turns and using his imagination,.
- He got to invite me, Ev and Toph to family night and was so proud to show off his school.

I'm glad he went to preschool but I'm still not sold on kindergarten. THE STRUGGLE.

June 1, 2014

She Reads// Spring Reading

I browsed SkyMall on my trip to UT. That was educational.


Spring's been gone and replaced by the sweatiest time of the year for a while now.
It's time to tally up what I read when it was under 100 degrees out:

How to Love (I ripped through this in about 3 hours and really enjoyed it. I don't actually know why because it has all the elements I usually pass on? I think it was the way the sequence of events were revealed, it kept me hooked to the last word.)

Counting By Sevens (Holy moly, this book took me weeks to finish. I kept meaning to just quit and return it to the library, but I liked the characters and story just enough to hold onto it. Overall, I'm glad I persevered. I don't know why I never could just hunker down and get into it though.)

The Art of Wishing (Another fast read I surprised myself by liking. The genie element was interesting and for once it wasn't an overly sexed up YA book #oldlady. Or maybe this falls more into the teen category? I'm not sure officially what the differences between the two are, but if teen books are less graphic and not full of misleading lies cited as "realism" and "humor," I like them more.)

Minding Frankie (Here I gave audio books another shot ... no go. I had some driving coming up so I  downloaded this and listened and listened and listened and listened only to finally admit defeat, check it out, and finish it myself. I just don't like being read to. Never have.)

Wedding Night (Sophie Kinsella! You betrayed me! This book sucked. The end. Ok, not the end: so it started out fine, funny even! but it became way too rambly and got so redundant about halfway through. Huge sadface.)

The Illustrated Mum (I loved this! If you want a short, easy, but also heavy read, I'd go for this one.)

Lean In (Too many thoughts. This book deserves its own post but I feel like so many people have hashed it out already I'll just keep it to my journal and spouting random ideas and stats at Toph. Overall: I'm SO glad I read this. I didn't love or agree with it all, but it made me think about so many things I hadn't before.)

Julie and Julia (Again, glad I read it but what the heck even? I wanted Meryl to come save me from Julie the whole time.)

Muggie Maggie (Some delightfully simple Beverly Cleary to cleanse my palate after the harshness of Julie.)

The Beginning of Everything (Everyone in the world told me this was a fantastic book ... My takeaway: if you took out every penis joke/reference, it would've been a lot shorter. #thatswhatshesaid.)


Now onto summer reading! I'm using this list and am so excited to try out some new genres and authors.