June 16, 2014

last day of preschool!

So Bronson wrapped up his first school experience a few months ago. Back in August I was so nervous about him getting older and going out into the big bad world of preschool, we had a great experience at his school though!

Here are some of the highlights:

- He eventually developed an interest in writing and drawing! This is the biggest deal to me. I love seeing him write his name, draw The Hulk and hold a pencil the right way.
- He (and I) got to go on a few field trips that were fun and interesting (special mention: the pet store and the pumpkin patch)
- He made a lot of new friends.
- He got to take the class "pet" (a wooden duck named ... something with a J. We can't remember.) home and practice responsibility.
- He got to attend some fun holiday parties.
- He learned more about taking turns and using his imagination,.
- He got to invite me, Ev and Toph to family night and was so proud to show off his school.

I'm glad he went to preschool but I'm still not sold on kindergarten. THE STRUGGLE.