June 16, 2014

She Reads// Things A Little Bird Told Me (Confessions of The Creative Mind)

Short version: Read this ^ and now.

Longer version: Here's a big, huge secret (not): I love Twitter and have been tweeting my brains out since November 2010. I'm 12.3K tweets deep at this point and there's no end in sight. I have to admit, I was totally one of those, "Why would I want to see status updates about people eating sandwiches?!" before I got my own account. So cute. Twitter is so much freaking more than that and reading its birth story in this book was so exciting and interesting. Even though I knew the ending (spoiler: Twitter makes it big) learning about Biz Stone and how he and Jack Dorsey came up with the concept for Twitter during a 2 week hackathon, and then stuck by it for years, was uplifting and inspirational.

I loved reading about Biz in high school. His no homework policy was one of my favorite anecdotes and it felt pretty familiar because guess what? Topher Tutt himself exercised a very similar policy when he was in high school (and it might've taken him through college as well ... but that's his story to tell). Biz was so engaging and I loved reading his thoughts on the inherent goodness of others, advice on giving to charities and on living simply. And hello, the way he talked about his wife was the best.

I could really go on for days here but mostly what I'm getting at is: You don't have to use or even know what Twitter is (but it's literally 2014, how does anyone not know what Twitter is and what it can be used to accomplish?!) to get a lot from this book.

Feel like I have to mention, all fangirling aside, obviously sometimes Twitter can be a negative space. Its tone is set by us, the users, and sometimes we're a snarky, drama filled bunch. But I've seen the goodness of others manifested there time and time again, and I'm grateful for the friendships I've strengthened and the causes I've been able to support through it. 

Twitter bird (who's supposedly named Larry?), long may you fly. 

(PS: I haven't seen The Fail Whale in forever!!)

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