July 14, 2014

cake and fake camping, he's five!

Hulking, smashing he came crashing.

Bronson is F I V E.
I've known and loved this boy for over 5 years.
It's a lot to take in but it feels ok right now. 
When he turned 3 I was a straight up mess. Ever since then it's been easier and easier because he understands what a birthday is and he's so excited to get older. Who am I to Grinch on that parade?

Happy birthday Bronson boy!! We love you! (Especially when you keep the smashing to a minimum.) Have the best year ever, this is gonna be a HUGE one!

July 7, 2014

Utah 2014!

4th of July smooches

We had THE best time in Utah this year. 
Highlights include:

- Kneaders & Tucanos
- The dollar movie
- Volleyball at the cabin
- Iceberg shakes
- Getting my roots done (gotta keep it fresh fresh)
- Bluebell ice cream
- late night card playing and family time
- thrift shopping my brains out
- Bronson's "fake birthday party"
- The kids playing with their cousins

10 days wasn't long enough and we can't wait to go back! 

July 2, 2014

free at last, free at last! kind of.

Fancy Ev // Casual Ev.  In all her 18 month, nursery going glory.

Everly just hit the nursery milestone!!! It's like a giant weight off my shoulders to only have to chase her around for an hour at church. It's a long hour but still, feeling good!

Ev is probably the cutest 18 month old girl I've ever met. She says "yeah" and "dog dog" plenty, wants me to hold her all day, climbs everything, naps ok, sleeps great at night, runs faster than anyone should, could color for hours, smiles the brightest and makes more messes than the rest of team Tuttle combined.  

We love her. We love nursery. Match made in heaven.